Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Katie Johnson Rollins and this is my husband, York native, Paul Rollins. We are a newlywed team with big dreams to make your life easier when it comes to planning and hosting gatherings of all kinds. 

Born in a boatyard, Galley Provisions is the answer to some big priorital questions we asked ourselves as we became a family. We’re extremely lucky to have two young children who keep us on our toes and remind us of what’s important. Having the freedom to spend lots of time with them was imperative in our decision to start another business.

Our passion for delivering high quality food and experiences runs deep. With roots set in food service, nutrition and hospitality, we’re excited to use our combined creativity and entrepreneurial skills to deliver a vibrant, delicious and seamless experience for the people that live in and visit our community.

Outside of the kitchen, you’ll find us playing at the beach, doing yoga, surfing, hiking or planning our next big adventure.

Our commitment to working in ways to better the planet begins with sourcing ingredients locally and serving them in a sustainable way. We hope by choosing us you find what you’re looking for, and perhaps, something even better.